Information about Insurance Claims


HAIL AND HIGH WINDS constitute an insurable loss. This loss is one that your carrier is obligated to cover with like kind and quality.

It is your carrier’s fiscal and legal obligation to return your property to the condition it was prior to the loss. This is obviously an expensive undertaking for the insurance industry; however, it is also one that is inherent to the “Risk Management” business.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company if you believe you have a claim. There is a time limit imposed by your insurance company for filing a claim; so call your insurance agent right away.

A roof damaged by hail will void the Manufacturer’s Warranty and may cause your roof to begin leaking. Your insurance company does not want to pay for interior damage if they can prevent it with a roof or repairs.

We have licensed insurance adjusters on staff who can help you.


The insurance companies have analyzed all roofing costs and have allowed a fair monetary settlement based on replacement value and your loss.

This insurance money is designed for you to hire a professional contractor at a fair price.

Any moneys “saved” from this insurance adjustment are returned to the insurance company so shopping price is only going to benefit the insurance company and you may give up quality and workmanship.

When you are gathering estimates you are actually searching for a contractor that you feel will offer you a quality product, good workmanship, and service that you desire.

If a contractor deviates from the insurance adjustment with a substantially lower price, BEWARE! He is offering you a lesser quality or he does not have an established company to serve you after the sale.

We honor all insurance adjustments and perform quality work at insurance rates. The cost to replace your roof should never exceed your insurance adjustment with your deductible.

Your insurance company will supply you with 2 checks. One check at the beginning of your job and another check after the work has been completed and you have supplied them with an invoice from your roofing contractor. The second check will be for the remainder of the contract price.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business now and in the years to come.